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concept of god in major religions

Concept of God in Major Religions

INTRODUCTION If we study the major religious scriptures and keep aside the differences and only take what is common in all scriptures, we will find that the Concept of God in Major...
is there a true religion

Is there a true Religion?

INTRODUCTION Does it really matter what I believe, as long as I sincerely believe it? Is there a problem if I am sincerely wrong? Most religions claim that their concept of God...
why did god create us

Why did God create us?

INTRODUCTION "Why did God create us?" is a topic that puzzles every human being at some point in his or her lifetime. Everybody at some time or another asks themselves the question...
misconceptions about islam

Misconceptions about Islam

Introduction There are some misconceptions about Islam widespread in the media. Due to the lack of proper knowledge many people end up having a negative mindset about this peaceful religion. Here are...
what is islam

What is Islam?

The first thing that one should know and clearly understand is what the word "Islam" itself means. The religion of Islam is not named after a person as in the case...
beginning of creation

Beginning of Creation

Before the Creation In the beginning, before the beginning of creation there was nothing else but Allah. In the Qur’an Allah says, “Allah is the Creator of all things, and He is the Wakil...