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Can Muslims celebrate other religious festivals?

Can Muslims celebrate other Religious Festivals?

Other Religious Festivals Numerous are the religious festivals and fairs of the unbelievers. Muslims need not know in full about these. They should know only this much that such and such days...
middle of shaban shab e barat

Ruling on Celebrating the Middle of Shaban

Among the bid’ahs (innovation in religion) that have been invented by some people is celebrating the middle of Shaban (Laylat al-Nusf min Sha’ban), and singling out that day for fasting. There...
shab e barat bid'ah innovation

Why Celebrating Shab E Barat is Bid’ah (Innovation)?

Shab E Barat is Bid'ah? Weak & Fabricated Hadith Many scholars show the hadiths listed below to prove the significance of the middle of Sha’ban or Shab E Barat. Note that none of...